ATM & VISA Check Cards

RewardsChecking_stillfree_Debit_210x210ATM Card
Withdraw up to $1000 a day* from thousands of 24-hour ATM’s belonging to the CO-OP, Star and PLUS networks. For free ATM access, use a County Federal or CO-OP ATM whenever possible.

VISA Check Card
Your County Federal VISA Check Card takes the place of checks wherever VISA is accepted…even if regular checks are not welcome. Use it for everyday purchases at the mall, the grocery store, your favorite restaurant, or for phone and mail orders. The amount will be deducted from your Rewards Checking Account and the transaction will appear on your monthly checking statement.

You must have a County Federal Checking Account in good standing to receive a VISA Check Card. All new accounts are subject to verification.
*Members in the Gets Better option can withdraw up to $1000 per day.