Corporate Partner Benefits

Company_Benefits_PhotoAs a corporate partner of County Federal you’ll be able to offer your employees one of the most valuable benefits of all—ownership in a financial institution that is truly on their side. A place with highly competitive rates, a full product line and personalized service that builds relationships for life. Here are just some of the personalized services available to your organization:

  • On-site visits from County Federal
  • Marketing materials including brochures, newsletter articles, payroll stuffers
  • Attendance at your health and benefit fairs
  • One of your staff members will act as   ambassador, serving as a liaison between County Federal and your company, and in return, that individual will receive special benefits
  • And much more.

County Federal offers membership to companies and organizations that do business with or receive funding from any Corporate Partner within our field of membership. To search our Corporate Partner database, click here. If you believe your company or agency qualifies for our credit union benefits or if you would like some additional information, please email Community & Partner Relations or complete our Information Packet Request form. .