First Mortgage Home Loans

RE_eStatus2bCounty Federal offers an expanded variety of home loan products to offer more flexibility in order to make the purchase or refinance of your home easier than before.

Our higher loan to value products can help you purchase a home with less than the traditional 20% down payment. If you want to refinance your existing mortgage loan to take advantage of current low-interest rates, consider a higher loan to value product. A higher loan to value product can help you retain home-ownership in today’s challenging market.

Ask us about our no-cost mortgage loan option. Closing cost can be a major hurdle in refinancing a mortgage or purchasing a home, not to mention depleting your savings. A no-cost option allows you to greatly reduce your closing costs. When you choose a no-cost mortgage loan, you receive a credit for most of your closing costs, allowing you to close with practically no money up front.

Whether you’re in the market to purchase a home or refinance an existing mortgage loan, County Federal is sure to have a program that will fit your needs. Take advantage of the great low rates and the variety of home loan options that include:

  • Conforming, High Balance and Jumbo loans
  • Fixed rate mortgage options available in variety of terms
  • Adjustable rate mortgages

To get the process started or find out which program is best for you, click here and answer a few simple questions.

One of our friendly, knowledgeable Real Estate Specialist will get right back to you. Or you can contact them directly at (408) 282-0742. We’ll help make the loan process easy for you. Learn more about the mortgage loan process.

See mortgage rate page. for current rates, disclosures and payment sample. County Federal does not underwrite the following types of property: mobile homes, manufactured homes or modular homes.

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