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Today’s Rates

Consumer Loan Rates

Loan TypeAPR as low as*TermCalculate Payments
Credit Cards
VISA Platinum2.99%1open-ended Summary of Credit Terms
VISA Platinum Rewards4.99%1open-ended Summary of Credit Terms
Share Secured VISA7.99%1open-ended Summary of Credit Terms
Unsecured Loans 
Personal Loan $500 to $20,0009.37%up to 48 months 
Personal Line of Credit11.37%2open-ended 
Secured Loans
Share Secured (Share yield + 2% margin) 3.55% – 4.85%up to 84 months 
Certificate Secured (Certificate yield + 2% margin) 2.05% – 3.35%Not to exceed Certificate Maturity 

*APR= Annual Percentage Rate. Rates as low as 9.37% APR, your rate may be higher depending on your credit profile. Personal loan interest rates range from 9.37% to 18% APR. All loan policies, rates and terms are subject to change without notice and all loan requests are subject to Credit Union approval. Terms offered up to 48 months. Other rates and terms are available. All loan rates quoted above (excluding credit cards) include a 2% discount for automatic payments; if opting out of automatic payments add 2% to base rate Maximum loan term based on amount financed. Payment amount per every $1,000 borrowed at 9.37% for 48 months equals $25.06 per month. For more payment samples, use our payment calculator or call 408-282-0700.

1 APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Introductory Purchases and Balance Transfer APRs 2.99% to 9.99% for VISA Platinum and 4.99% to 11.99% for VISA Platinum Rewards available as of 4/9/2018.  Purchase and post-introductory balance transfer APRs 7.99% to 14.99% for VISA Platinum and 9.99% to 16.99% for VISA Platinum Rewards as of 4/9/2018. Introductory Balance Transfer and purchase and post-introductory APRs offered to approved applicants depend on credit qualifications. Rates and terms subject to change.  All loans subject to credit approval and income verification. If under 21 must prove financial independence or have a qualified co-borrower over age 21. Refer to the Credit Card Agreement and the Application & Solicitation Disclosure for additional information. U.S. issued cards only. VISA’s Zero Liability policy does not apply to commercial card or ATM transactions, or to PIN transactions not processed by VISA. 2 Refer to Disclosure for Personal Line of Credit.

Vehicle Loan Rates

Loan TypeAPR*Approximate TermsCalculate Payments
New, Used & Refi13.12% – 16.99%up to 36 months 
New, Used & Refi13.24% – 17.75%up to 60 months 
New, Used & Refi13.74% – 8.99%up to 72 months 
New, Used & Refi13.99% – 7.37%up to 84 months 
College Auto Loan Program28.12%up to 60 months 
New, Used & Refi16.74% – 9.49%up to 36 months 
New, Used & Refi1 7.49% – 10.74%up to 60 months 
Recreational Vehicles & Boats
New, Used & Refi1  7.74% – 9.74%up to 60 months 
New, Used & Refi1 8.49% – 10.49%up to 96 months 
New, Used & Refi1 9.24% – 11.24%up to 132 months 
New, Used & Refi1 9.99% – 11.99%up to 180 months 

1) Risk Based: The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) you receive will be within the range disclosed above and is based on your credit worthiness and the term of your loan. You will be notified of the base rate for which you qualify when your loan request is approved. All rates include a 2% discount for automatic payments; if opting out of automatic payments add 2% to base rate. 90 days payment deferral is optional for qualified borrowers, not all borrowers will qualify. Loan amount must be for a new SCCFCU Auto Loan to qualify for 90-day No Payment Option. Finance charges begin to accrue from date of funding, and will be repaid over the term of the loan. Payment example: Pay $29.13 per month per $1,000 borrowed at 3.12% APR for 36 months. For more payment samples, use our payment calculator or call 408-282-0700 to speak with a Loan Advisor.

(2) APR = Annual Percentage Rate. All loan policies, rates  and terms are subject to change without notice and all loan requests are subject to credit approval. 8.37% APR is valid for terms up to 60 months. Quoted loan rate is the lowest rate offered based on individual credit worthiness. Rates include 2% automatic payment discount, add 2% for manual payment. Discounts do not apply to promotional rate loans and inhouse refinances. Payment amount per every $1,000 borrowed at 8.37% for 60 months equals $20.45 per month. Borrower must be over 18 years old; employed at least part-time; a student at an accredited college, university, or trade school, or a recent graduate (less than one-year post graduation). Must have no FICO score, or limited credit history. Down payment required.


Home Loan Rates

Fixed Rate Loans

ProductRates1APR1PointsPayment per $1,000 Borrowed2
 Conforming Fixed Rate Loan Products (Loan Amounts $510,400 and under)
30 Year Fixed3.500%3.517% 0 $4.49
20 Year Fixed3.375%3.398% 0 $5.74
15 Year Fixed3.000%3.030% 0 $6.91
10 Year Fixed2.875%2.918% 0 $9.60
 High Balance Fixed Loan Products (Loan Amounts $510,401 – $765,600)
30 Year Fixed3.625%3.636% 0 $4.56
20 Year Fixed3.500%3.516% 0 $5.80
15 Year Fixed3.125%3.145% 0 $6.97
10 Year Fixed3.000%3.023% 0 $9.66
 Jumbo Fixed Loan Products (Loan Amounts $765,601 to $2,000,000)
30 Year Fixed3.750%3.755% 0 $4.63
15 Year Fixed3.250%3.259% 0 $7.03

Adjustable Rate Loans

ProductRates1APR1PointsPayment per $1,000 Borrowed2
 Conforming Adjustable Rate Loan Products (Loan Amounts $510,400 and under)
3/1 ARM2.875%2.891% 0 $4.15
7/1 ARM3.125%3.141% 0 $4.28
5/5 ARM3.125%3.141% 0 $4.28
10/10 ARM 3.500%3.517% 0 $4.49
 High Balance Adjustable Rate Loan Products (Loan Amounts $510,401 – $765,600)
3/1 ARM3.000%3.011% 0 $4.22
7/1 ARM3.250%3.261% 0 $4.35
5/5 ARM3.250%3.261% 0 $4.35
10/10 ARM 3.625%3.636% 0 $4.56
 Jumbo Adjustable Rate Loan Products (Loan Amounts $765,601 to $2,000,000)
3/1 ARM3.125%3.130%0 $4.28
7/1 ARM3.375%3.380%0 $4.42
5/5 ARM3.375%3.380%0 $4.42
10/10 ARM3.750%3.755%0 $4.63

1. APR=Annual Percentage Rate. The APR is not your interest rate. Your APR will vary based on the rate you qualify for, your final loan amount and finance charges.

2. Payment per $1,000 balance is based on the interest rate listed for the amortization term listed and is rounded to the nearest cent. Example: for a 30-year, $679,650 conforming mortgage with zero-points and a fixed rate of 5.000%, multiply 679,650 x $5.37 for an approximate payment amount of $3,649.72 (loan amount ÷ $1,000 x payment example = payment amount). The monthly payment amount shown includes principal and interest and does not include amounts for taxes and insurance premiums, if applicable. Your actual monthly payment will be higher if an escrow account is established or required. Private mortgage insurance (PMI) is required on mortgages that exceed 80% loan-to-value (LTV), and would also increase the payment amount.

Maximum loan amounts vary by locale depending on typical home prices. High Balance loans are available only in federally designated metropolitan areas.

County Federal offers mortgage loans for properties located in California only. Flood insurance may be required. Adequate property insurance must be maintained for the life of the loan. All loans subject to credit approval. Other restrictions may apply.

Rates valid as of today are subject to change without notice.

Term Certificate Rates

Account Type & TermRate TypeDividend RateAnnual Percentage Yield* Calculator
Share and IRA Certificates Minimum Deposit $500
3 Months
(Not available as IRA or ESA)
6 MonthsFixed0.20%0.20% 
12 MonthsFixed0.50%0.50% 
24 MonthsFixed0.75%0.75% 
36 MonthsFixed0.90%0.90% 
48 MonthsFixed1.10%1.10% 
Youth Roth IRA & ESA only
12 Months $500Fixed0.50%0.50% 

For the purpose of this disclosure, the dividend rate and annual percentage stated for the term accounts listed were offered within the most recent seven calendar days and were accurate as of the above date. Dividends will be compounded monthly and will be credited monthly. Fees may reduce the earnings on the account if there is maintenance or activity fees associated with the account. A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal. Your savings are federally insured to at least $250,000 and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government, National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. government agency. Please call (408) 282-0700 to obtain the most current information.

Truth In Savings Disclosure
Fee Schedule


Account TypeRate TypeMinimum Opening BalanceMinimum Earning BalanceStated Dividend RateAnnual Percent Yield
Basic Accounts
Regular Share Savingsvariable$25$250.01%0.01%
Get Started Teen Savingsvariable$25$250.01%0.01%
Holiday & Vacation Clubsvariable$25$250.01%0.01%
Starts Free Accounts
Regular Share Savingsvariable$25$250.03%0.03%
Get Started Teen Savingsvariable$25$250.03%0.03%
Holiday & Vacation Clubsvariable$25$250.03%0.03%
Gets Better Accounts
Regular Share Savingsvariable$25$250.05%0.05%
Get Started Teen Savingsvariable$25$250.05%0.05%
Holiday & Vacation Clubsvariable$25$250.05%0.05%
Other Savings Accounts
M3 Money Clubvariable $25 $25 0.01% 0.01%
IRA Accumulation including Roth & ESAvariable $25 $25 0.05% 0.05%
Youth Roth & ESA IRA Accumulationvariable $25 $25 0.05% 0.05%
Escrow (Real Estate loans only)variable n/a n/a 2.00% 2.02%
Checking Accounts 
Rewards Checking – Starts Freevariable$25n/a0.00%0.00%
Rewards Checking – Gets Bettervariable$25$00.01%0.01%
Members’ Choice Money Market Accounts*
Tier 1variable$2,500$2,5000.05%0.05%
Tier 2variable$10,000$10,0000.05%0.05%
Tier 3variable$25,000$25,0000.10%0.10%
Tier 4variable$50,000$50,0000.10%0.10%
Tier 5variable$75,000$75,0000.10%0.10%
Tier 6variable$125,000$125,0000.15%0.15%
Tier 7variable$200,000$200,0000.15%0.15%

*”Minimum Opening Balance” and “Minimum Earning Balance” represent the minimum deposit balance required for every tier of the Members’ Choice Money Market Account to earn the corresponding stated dividend rate. Should the deposit balance move from one tier to another, the corresponding stated dividend rates of those given tiers will be applied to calculate the dividends paid using daily ending deposit balances. Dividends will be compounded monthly and will be credited monthly. Fees may reduce the earnings on the account if there are maintenance or activity fees associated with the account. Members’ accounts are insured by the National Credit Union Administration up to $250,000, and IRA funds are insured separately up to $250,000 by the NCUA.
Truth In Savings Disclosure
Fee Schedule

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