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Treasure Chest Fun

Treasure Chest Fun

Kids Zone Treasure Chest Fun

County Federal and the M3 Money Club wants saving to be easy and fun for you! Violet, our M3 Money Club Superhero, has super powers that help her save a few extra dollars. You too can be like Violet by starting to save your allowances, birthday money and any other money you can find.

The M3 Money Club rewards you for making your M3 account grow. Every 3 months (January, April, July, October), M3 Members will receive prize vouchers in the mail for the growth of their account balance. For every $100 that your account grows*, you will receive an M3 Money Club Prize Voucher to redeem at any County Federal Branch location.


For example, if your M3 account grows $200 between April and July; you will receive 2 prize vouchers. The more your account grows every 3 months, the more M3 Money Club Prize vouchers you will receive*.


As of April 1, 2014, wooden nickels will no longer be handed out in the branches. If you still have wooden nickels, don’t worry — you can still take them to any branch location and redeem them for prizes.

*M3 members will receive prize vouchers up to a maximum $1,000 balance increase deposited to a M3 Money Club account in-branch or electronically every 3 months (quarterly)


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