3 Money-Saving Tips for Millennials

3 Money-Saving Tips for Millennials

Published: October 5, 2018


If you’re a Millennial, you might resent the stigma that seems to follow your generation. There’s a lot more to your life than sipping on bubble tea and munching on avocado toast. In fact, if you’re like many Millennials, the current economy and job market can make it difficult to make ends meet—let alone set aside money for savings.


Used CarOpt for a Used Car

Treating yourself to your first brand new car can be tempting, especially if you just landed a new job or a promotion. However, buying used is a much more practical and affordable option—and you might actually be surprised at the wide selection you have from which to choose.

Santa Clara County Federal Credit Union offers low-interest financing options for both new and used cars!



Find a Roommate

While there may be a lot of pressure to buy your first “starter home,” the truth is that there’s no rush in buying a home until you’re ready to settle down. Continuing to rent can make a lot of financial sense, especially when you consider the savings in ongoing maintenance that you’ll enjoy as a renter. You might even consider finding a roommate to split expenses with you, if you haven’t already.

When you are ready to start looking at buying a home, County Federal is here for you with a wide range of home loan options—including those with zero closing costs!



Pick Up a Side Hustle

If you have a hobby or skill that you enjoy, why not find a way to make some money off of it? For example, if you always excelled in your math classes while in school, you might consider advertising tutoring services in your area. Or if you just picked up a hand-lettering hobby, why not set up an Etsy shop and begin selling some of your creations? Even a little side income can make a huge difference in your savings, especially when you have a high-interest savings account with County Federal.


As you can see, making a few smart choices can help you save more money. For more information on maximizing your savings, contact our team at Santa Clara County Federal Credit Union today!


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