Account Verification Letter

You may have recently received a verification letter asking you to confirm specific information regarding your County Federal account. Please rest assured this is a legitimate verification request, as we are conducting our annual audit of the credit union. 

The Supervisory Committee of County Federal is responsible for overseeing the annual audit and has retained the auditing firm of Turner, Warren, Hwang & Conrad AC to conduct an account verification. This account verification process is required by our regulators. As a part of this procedure members are randomly selected to confirm the accuracy of their account balance. No other information will be requested beyond this verification.

This annual audit is one of many internal control processes followed by County Federal to help ensure the accuracy and reliability of our financial reporting system for the protection of our members.

Please review the information in the confirmation letter and compare it with your records. If the information is correct, no reply is necessary. It the information is incorrect, add any information that will assist our auditors in reconciling the difference and return your reply directly to:

         Turner, Warren, Hwang & Conrad Accountancy Corporation
         100 N First St., Ste 202
         Burbank, CA 91502

Please do not mail your reply to the County Federal. If there is an error in the information noted, our auditors must receive a reply directly from you.

If you have questions regarding this account verification process, you may contact the Compliance & Risk Management Department, at 408-282-0759 during regular business hours. On behalf of the credit union, thank you for your prompt attention to this request and for your membership and continued support of the credit union.