Giving Thanks

County Federal employee Thanksgiving celebration

With our most sincere gratitude and appreciation, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving

Each year at Thanksgiving time we pause to reflect and share our gratitude for family, friends, our health, the food on our tables, and so many cherished moments. There is a lot to be thankful for in our lives. County Federal is most thankful for our Credit Union members for allowing us to serve you over the past 70 years.

While we might not be able to host something on the scale we’d prefer, those closest to County Federal still have many reasons to be grateful. Here is how some of our team members celebrate Thanksgiving and how it will be different this year.


My family and I celebrate Thanksgiving Day by preparing a traditional Thanksgiving feast, which includes a 20 lb. roasted turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, veggies, cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole, and pumpkin pie. After eating our wonderful and delicious meal, we like to watch the Thanksgiving parade as well as football (football usually wins). We also like to play games, laugh, and eat dessert. Thanksgiving is a very important holiday for my family, so this year we will continue to celebrate as we have in the past (except for hugging). My favorite Thanksgiving food is my mom’s sweet potato casserole. She makes it every year and it is so delicious… better than pumpkin pie!


We have a family tradition since we immigrated here in 1984. My eldest maternal uncle hosts it at his home (where we all first initially landed). We’ve seen four generations of our family gather in the same room for over 35 years. This year we may have a smaller group of five to six people in his home and the rest of the family will join in virtually. My favorite Thanksgiving food is all the desserts we end up eating – pies, ice creams, and all kinds of baked goods. Last year, one of my youngest nieces, who is nine, baked some macaroons and they were just delicious! I’m definitely grateful this year for the fact that we are all safe and healthy, and even though for the first time in over three decades, we won’t all physically be in the same room, we are even closer to each other.


I celebrate Thanksgiving by having a potluck brunch with close friends and family. This year will be a little bit different because we are celebrating with only close family members due to COVID. We will not be with extended family members. My favorite Thanksgiving food is fried turkey and papaya salad (Lao style). I also like to make a Thai dessert called “Maw Keng,” which is pumpkin coconut custard cake. I’m grateful for the many things that I am blessed to have this year: a job, healthy family, and being able to celebrate the holidays with family.


I celebrate with family and friends, usually in our garage since it’s the biggest room in our house! Unfortunately, we’ll celebrate a little differently this year. There won’t be as many family and friends probably in the house.
My favorite Thanksgiving food? I really enjoy sweet potato casserole with the marshmallows and stuff. I usually make the green bean casserole and the pecan pie. This year, I’m grateful that my family and friends have stayed healthy and “sane” through all of this!


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