Halloween 2020

Halloween collage

A Spooky, Kooky & Whimsically Good Time

Halloween has always been an important part of County Federal culture. Every year we look forward to celebrating by showcasing our creativity through costumes, decorations and food. Whether it’s dressing as a superhero, villain, or something whimsical this day allows our team to have some fun, laugh and take a much needed break from the daily grind.

Take a trip with us as we look into how some members of the County Federal team celebrate Halloween with their own families.


I celebrate Halloween each year by having a scary movie marathon and going to haunted houses. I also try to go to the midnight tour of the Winchester Mystery House. I also always dress up for our work Halloween celebration. Last year I was Snow White’s evil step-mother in disguise. This year, I still plan on having a scary movie marathon, but will be skipping haunted attractions. My favorite treat for Halloween season is pumpkin pie.


In past Halloween nights, my family has gone trick-or-treating within our neighborhood for safety and
convenience. Pumpkin patches are always a hit with the kids too! Halloween this year will definitely be different. We are still deciding on how to pull off some sort of Halloween celebration for the kids while staying safe. Perhaps a virtual trick-or-treat? Time to get creative! Chocolate chip cookies and ice cream are always a hit at the house during Halloween… besides all of the yummy candy, especially M&Ms!


My family and I always go to the pumpkin patch to choose pumpkins for carving 2-3 days before Halloween. On Halloween night, a group of friends with their kids and ours would go trick-or-treating in the neighborhood I grew up in. Since my kids love dressing up for Halloween, we still plan on letting them choose costumes to wear. This year we will drive to immediate family and close friends houses to receive a goody bag. Halloween is the only time I usually eat chocolate candy, specifically the mini Twix and Kit-Kats.

We hope you’ll join us in some Halloween fun by participating in our Trick-or-Treat Guessing Game.

If you plan on visiting our branches between October 15-29 look for the jar of Halloween treats then click here to submit your guess.