Is a Share Certificate the right option?

Is a Share Certificate the right option?

Published: October 5, 2018

Are you looking to maximize your savings with a wise investment? If you answered yes, then you may want to consider a Share Certificate through Santa Clara County Federal Credit Union. This term-savings account typically provides a higher yield as compared to a “traditional” savings account. Understanding how a Share Certificate works can help determine if this is a right option you.



Is a Share Certificate the right option?How a Share Certificate works

There are many benefits to refinancing when the time is right. Perhaps the greatest advantage is that of saving money over the

A Share Certificate is a term account; you deposit a set amount for a specific time frame and receive a higher rate of return that is usually greater than a traditional savings account.  Terms can range from a few months to a few years. If the funds are withdrawn before the maturity date of the term, you may be charged a penalty. Check with your financial institution regarding penalties and fees.



Why open a Share Certificate?Why open a Share Certificate?

A Share Certificate is a smart choice if you’re looking to invest your money for a certain period of time.  At County Federal, you can open a Share Certificate with a low minimum deposit and a term that is comfortable for you. Contact us today for more information and to open an account that is right for you.





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