Save time and stress with Mobile Banking

Published: March 12, 2019

Why is mobile banking so important today? It’s one of the most sought after features in banking. It could be because many people have a cell phone that they carry with them at any time. With mobile banking, it’s possible to check your balance and make transactions happen anywhere. How can mobile banking help you to save money and improve your financial health?

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Save Time by Managing Money on the Go

One of the key benefits of using mobile banking is the flexibility of accessing your account anywhere. It takes minutes to log in, review to see which checks have cleared and to make sure your account is balanced. You do not have to do this at home or spend an hour reconciling your bank account at the end of the month. Instead, do so in your downtime no matter where you are.


Avoid Stressful Situations with Fast Transfers

Another key advantage is the ability to make a transaction happen right away. Let’s say you need to make a payment but forgot to transfer funds into your account. You don’t need to go to the bank or an ATM to do so. You can do it online and in minutes. It’s that easy to manage.


Handle Last Minute Changes with Ease

With mobile banking, you can schedule payments to your lenders in a few minutes. You can also easily set up reoccurring payments. You can move money from your savings into your checking. Or, put money into your checking account. You can also tie in your business account with your personal account, making transfers simplistic.

Each of these steps can help you to manage your money faster. Mobile banking is something we provide at Santa Clara County Federal Credit Union. It’s one of the best investments you can make for yourself and for your family. Make managing money easy to do. There is no risk to making these transactions happen when you access your account using a secure device.


Engage with Mobile Banking Effortlessly

At Santa Clara County Federal Credit Union, our team is always here to help support your needs. When it comes to mobile banking, there are outstanding tools available to help you ensure you can always bank on the go. Learn more about County Federal by clicking here. Become a member to take advantage of your modern, tech-focused credit union.


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