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What is GAP Advantage and Why Do I Need It?

Driving a new vehicle off the lot is one of life’s most satisfying experiences. Yet, this honeymoon period with your new vehicle can quickly turn south if you’re involved in a collision and you don’t have sufficient insurance coverage. Though many people don’t realize it, a standard full coverage insurance policy isn’t always enough to fully cover the cost of replacing a damaged vehicle. [...]


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5 Auto Loan Tips for First-Time Car Buyers

Buying your first car is an exciting time. Besides driving around town in a new set of wheels, a car purchase is a great way for anyone to start establishing their credit by paying off an auto loan. Did you know that each month you make your payments on-time, it helps your credit score? Many first-time car buyers are unaware of how to approach their first auto loan. Here are 5 tips to get you started […]


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The Unknown Differences Between Secured and Unsecured Loans

Looking to take out a personal loan? If so, then one of the first decisions you’ll be faced with is whether you wish to apply for a secured loan or an unsecured loan. Despite the terms being similar, these two loan types differ in some major ways. By having a better understanding of the differences between secured and unsecured loans, you can make a better informed decision […]


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What To Do if Your Identity is Stolen

In recent news, a number of businesses have reported data breaches. The number of consumers possibly affected by these data breaches can vary greatly depending on the size of the business and the types of services or products they offer. With so much of our world online now, it can be difficult to know what to do if your identity is stolen. If you believe […]


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Why You Should Consider a Credit Union for Your Home Loan

Buying a new home is often one of life’s most exciting experiences. Yet, given the size of the investment and the complexity of the process, it may also be somewhat stressful. It’s not enough to find the home of your dreams; you also need to make sure you get the best deal possible on your home loan. In many cases, this means reaching out to […]


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How to Find the Best Rate on a Home Equity Line of Credit

Dealing with large, expensive and unexpected repairs is part of homeownership. So is the desire to remodel your home in an effort to improve its appearance, functionality or value. Finding the money to make repairs or begin remodeling projects isn’t always easy, however. In cases such as these, one of the best choices you can make is a home equity line of credit (HELOC). A HELOC allows you […]


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What type of Identity Theft Protection

What Type of Identity Theft Protection Do I Need? In 2016, there were more than three million fraud and identity theft complaints across the United States alone. And unfortunately, these numbers will likely continue to rise as cybercrime becomes increasingly prevalent. Aside from taking common-sense steps to protect your identity, such as changing your banking passwords regularly and keeping an eye on your credit report, it’s also a […]


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Is a Home Equity loan right for you

Is a Home Equity Loan Right for You? Is your home worth more than what you owe on it? Have you been thinking about taking out a loan for an upcoming expense, such as a kitchen remodel or even a child’s college expenses? If so, then you may want to consider a home equity loan as a viable option for borrowing the money you need […]


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Auto Loans and Our CARnival Event

What to Know About Auto Loans and Our CARnival Event At Santa Clara County Federal Credit Union, we have always taken great pride in the services we provide our members. This year, we look forward to hosting The County Federal CARnival on April 21st and 22nd. The event will take place at 1641 North 1st Street in San Jose and will provide members with an excellent opportunity to shop for […]


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